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So it’s not impossible to forget or lost a VPN password and Windows doesn’t tell. I was looking for it in the Windows password manager - there are credentials for networks, websites (if you, for some reason, use an Internet Explorer), shares, DAV and so forth.

VPN credentials are not stored there, though. Not really sure about this, but I assume it’s because the RDP is much more older than the password manager. Who knows.

Anyway, there’s dialupass. You just basically run it and it shows all the stored VPN credentials with readable passwords. Neat.

I use Git for Windows installer, which comes with some GNU coreutils binaries (ls, head, grep, …). History, auto-completion and sane behaviour in general is handled by clink, so in the standard Windows command line, I can do pretty much anything I could in Linux. Oh, and there’s ConEmu, an awesome emulator.

But every time I install it on a new computer, I have a problem with non-ASCII characters in output of ls, find or any program dealing with file names, really.

The final answer is LC_ALL=C.UTF-8. This could save me some time in the future.